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So why choose Aleo for your electroplating? 

Our aim is to transform your ideas & requirements into reality through high quality finishing metal with a coating appropriate to the base material, the environment in which it will finally work and the lowest possible cost.

The finish of your products may  be for aesthetic purposes or it may have a functional role to play such as corrosion protection or wear resistance.  All will be designed to make the item operate more effectively over a considerable extended lifetime.

The processes at Aleo are tailored to meet the exact properties of you products.  Unlike an automated line, our production staff will select the correct processing times and solution temperatures required for your parts and when racking is necessary, parts are gently handled to prevent nicks and scratches.

“Our reputation for quality, professionalism and honesty has kept our customers fully satisfied for decades”


See what electroplating benefits we can offer your business? 

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